Simply His Concept saying YES to God.
The first time singing as a family for God.
Jesus is our King and the center of our hearts!
Elique 11 years & Julianne 9 years.

Simply His Concept members are the Curiel’s Family consisting of Husband, Wife and two daughters:
– Papa Mark Curiel
– Mama Inusha Curiel-Capriles
and two daughters
– Elique Curiel born February 06, 1997
– Julianne Curiel born September 24, 1999

Simply His Concept was formed by God on November 23, 2008.
The night before (November 22, 2008) we were called by pastor Morrisson inviting us to sing the next morning at the 9 o’ clock service at Suffisant Church.
Mark’s answer was immediately said YES!
Since then we are spreading The Word of God with our gifts by inspiring, encouraging and motivating people at all kinds of occasions/events with our music, voice and songs.

This perfect combination of God, SIMPLY wants to show HIS CONCEPT by giving HIM ALL THE HONOR and GLORY!