We give God all the honour and glory, for all what He has done for us.

A vacation to Orlando, Florida is our gift from God.

Thanks to Evandro who brought us to Airport Curacao at 8:00 am. During the flight to Miami with InselAir (11:00 am – 14:00 pm) Elique won a ticket Curacao-Miami-Curacao. This was another gift from God on this day. The one and only God showed us only the beginning of all the blessings He has prepaired for us. In Miami we rented a Jeep (reserved online) at Thrifty Car Rental. I have never seen such a quick service in my live. In a couple of minutes we had our rental car. Amazing! Papa Mark drove in 4 hours non-stop to our hotel “Howerd Johnson” in Orlando. We experienced rain as we arrived in Miami so the first thing we bought was rain poncho’s. Our hotel was on the international drive so there was a lot of restaurants. It was difficult to choose. The kids had the chance to choose. First choice was Pizza Hut and it was delicious! 

Mama di ta ken ta bin te Orlando kome Pizza Hut, Papa di ta Pizza Hut nan ke, laga na kome Pizza Hut. Gagagagaga! 

Thank you God for this wonderful vacation and this family.