Bolt breaks 200m world recordChurandy Martina, A Child of God, A Champion


As a champion in the Army of the Lord you

are destined to win. What we need to know

now are the written principles for our victory.


Den Salmo 18:6-40, David ta bisa den verso 6,

“Den mi ansha mi a sklama na Señor,

si, mi a grita duru na mi Dios.

El a skucha mi stèm fo’i su palasio selestial,

mi gritu di ousilio a yega na su orea”.


The launching point of the weapons of the

champion is the mouth. Your mouth is very

 important if you want to see victory and

remain a champion.


Mark 11:23 Says

“And he shall have whatsoever he says”.


– Olam A. Mustapha


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